The WW II Alliance Between Germany and Japan

German Wreckage on the retreat from Rome 18 June 1944

“Our greatest triumph lies in the fact that we achieved the impossible, Allied military unity of action.”1 –General George C. Marshall, 1945 When you look at the history of the Second World War and see the success of the alliance among the Allies, especially the U.S. and the United Kingdom, you may ask, what prevented the…

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USS Texas Plays Role In Introduction of Radar

USS Texas (BB35) circa 1943

My love of history has been sparked by many things, but chief among them was living in San Antonio as a young boy.There I visited the Alamo and other historic missions, saw John Wayne’s movie, “The Alamo,” and visited the battleship USS Texas (BB-35) on a trip to Houston. Our parents, my sister, and I…

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34th Annual Symposium “1942: The Perilous Year”

Ahhh, September!!!! There are three things I look forward to in September. First, (American) football-college and pro. You never know how things are going to turn out. (Ask LSU about that missed extra point the other day!) Second, the prospect of cooler weather. Here in Texas, we usually get a cool(er) front through about the…

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