Sharing My Love for History Through Writing

I've been a student and passionate lover of history ever since I learned to read. After graduating from college with a degree in History, I spent my career in the nonprofit and business sectors, reading history for enjoyment. Over time, I developed an interest in the US Navy, the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) and the latter stages of World War II.

As I learned more, I was drawn to the story of  USS Franklin (CV-13), an Essex-class carrier, which earned the distinction of having the most decorated crew in the history of the US Navy AND being the only crew whose captain tried to court-martial seven officers and ostracize more than 100 enlisted men.

I've decided to pursue my lifelong love of history and write my first book about  Franklin's crew. Heroes By The Hundreds: The Story of USS Franklin, will tell their stories as well as discuss the lessons in leadership and crisis management learned from their experiences.

Join My Journey

I also enjoy blogging and will be publishing posts on a regular basis about interesting aspects of the war in the Pacific as well as my journey toward publishing my first book. I do reserve the right to depart from those topics and discuss other topics of historical interest, though. If you'd like to receive my monthly newsletter, feel free to sign up. I will not spam you.